Bebington Glazing encourages owners to tackle property problems

A recent UK study, which surveyed owners of 3.2 million properties, found that 18% described their homes as ‘ticking time bombs’ of repairs, refurbishments and problems, costing up to £2,500 a year to maintain.

Kay Finlay Bebington Glazing

The survey, undertaken by insurers LV=, also found that the most common household complaint was faulty double glazing (19%). Managing Director of Bebington Glazing Kay Finlay said:

“The statistics found by LV=’s recent survey are certainly surprising, but here at Bebington Glazing, we have encountered many homeowners who have brushed property problems under the carpet only to be hit with huge costs when each of the issues become an emergency. Of those surveyed, the top complaint was faulty double glazing, an essential element of any home during the colder months. We encourage all homeowners to contact us in the first instance should they notice smaller problems with their existing double glazing installations including excess condensation, draughts, leaks or small chips and cracks, as if the problem is caught early on, it can be much easier to repair and maintain.”