A Guide to Maintaining your Lawn

Ever wondered when the perfect time is to get the lawnmower out after the Winter months? Our friends at The Lawnmower Company have produced this handy month to month guide to help you look after your lawn. Happy mowing!

The Lawnmower Company

If weather is mild, occasionally cut the grass, maintaining about 25mm of growth. Keep off the grass if frozen or waterlogged.

Scarify or rake the grass thoroughly. Spike the lawn all over and apply lawn sand if necessary. Keep mower blades high and just ‘top’ the grass.

Re-seed bare patches, apply fertilisers and moss killer towards the end of the month. Mow regularly, lowering the blades gradually.

Treat with selective weedkillers or combined weed/feed preparations if you haven’t fed the lawn in April.

Mow lawns twice a week if possible working to a definite pattern. Water grass if necessary, remembering to soak thoroughly.

Treat grass with second application of fertiliser. Water it as necessary. Don’t cut the grass too closely.

Keep on mowing regularly and watering as necessary. Fill in any cracks caused by drought with a mixture of sharp sand and soil.

Raise mower blades to allow the grass to thicken and protect roots from winter frost and snow. Apply autumn-winter fertiliser, weed killer and moss killer.

The best time to scarify or rake out thatch from turf. Spike lawn to assist drainage. Brush in soil and sharp sand. Continue cutting as necessary.

The best time to have your mower serviced – contact The Lawnmower Company. Don’t mow if very wet as this will compact the soil and encourage waterlogging.

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