‘Not just pretty pictures’

A fascinating art exhibition by the talented Wirral artist Jonathan Kennedy is showing at Theatre Clwyd from 30th March 2020 to 25th April 2020. This exhibition is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm.

Theatre Clwyd Johnathan Kennedy

This exciting semi-autobiographical body of work records a labyrinthine journey into the mind, thoughts and dreams of the artist.

In his skilful drawings, Jonathan Kennedy transforms usual everyday objects into the extraordinary as they metamorphose into often beautiful, seductive shapes infused with hidden messages and often dark obscure meaning.

By incorporating very subtle self portraits into some of his work, Jonathan is able to interact playfully and secretly with the viewer.Apart from his personal experiences and relationships, Life Cycles and Vanitas are also recurring themes and form the inspirations for his powerful images. Jonathan has been recently exploring these motifs in a series of three dimensional maquettes inspired by the mystery of ancient cremation urns.

Jonathan Kennedy trained in Fine Art at Loughborough University and works from his studio on the Wirral.