Panoramic 34

Panoramic 34 has always been renowned for the highest quality in everything they do, including the height of the restaurant - 300 feet from the street.

Panoramic Liverpool food review

As the name suggests you have a unique amazing 360 view of Liverpool and the Wirral, which in itself is quite mesmerising.

Welcomed by the charming Maître d’ and Sommelier David Beaufort-Dysart, we started with a glass of Gusbourne Rose, a delightful light blush English sparkling wine, (even if you don’t like Rose, you will like this) which really set the tone of what we were about to experience, we were in the company of a team who really knew what they were doing.

When you read the imaginative menu, you think you’ve got a pretty good idea of what flavours to expect. Wrong. Forget what you presume.

First out was Chef’s selection of delicious canapés:

Mushroom, Mushroom and more Mushroom – Consommé, Gnocchi, Raw, Pickled.

Chalk Stream Trout – Nasturtium, Potato, Radish, Black Garlic.

Charred Beef Fillet & Onglet Tartare – Jerusalem Artichoke, Egg Yolk, Bovril.

We’d heard the new Chef Elliot Hill was creative and ‘all about the flavour’ no kidding, these were very inventive and tasted incredible.

For starters, first up was the Mackerel with Pickled Green Chilli, Cucumber, Mint and Buttermilk. This was a really interesting combo of contrasts, it totally worked. Very clever. Paired with a Torrontes, Amauta Absoluto.

Slow cooked cackleberry egg, truffle, celeriac, celery.  Very delicate and perfectly prepared rare egg. Beautiful and packed with flavour. Paired with a Sharpham, Pinot Noir.

The Iced Salad. Burt’s Blue Cheese with Walnut, Red Apple, Celery and Grape. This knocked me clean out, clean being the word. I love Waldorf salad but this re-imagining took it to a different level, so fresh, such bright unexpected flavours, I could literally eat this every day. Forever. I felt cleansed. Do they deliver?

More playfulness arrived in the form of a beautifully buttery Halibut, Scallop, Roast Chicken Butter Sauce, with a Fennel Hazelnut and Chicken Skin Crumble. One word. Genius. Paired with an Albarino, El Jardin de Luca.  

Salt Chamber Dry Aged Goosnargh Duck, Salsify, Curd, Lovage. A perfectly cooked moist piece of duck with a creative difference, the lovage alone as an assistant took this into new territory, again another surprise flavour sensation. Ambition well played. Paired with a Rioja Reserva, Gomez Cruzado.

Sadly, our amazing meal was almost at an end, but not before we were seduced by a Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate Ganache, Malt Ice Cream, Coffee and Hazelnut. Visually beautiful, indulgent and luscious.

Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb, Ginger Beer and Buttermilk. Another genuine surprise of flavour collections, super fresh, excellent. Paired with a ’Sticky Mickey’ New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Our favourite type of Chefs and Sommeliers are restless ones, they can’t leave anything alone, constantly tweaking, experimenting, reverse engineering flavours they stumble across, constantly honing their craft, tirelessly, that’s clearly what we have here with the gifted Chef Elliot Hill and the hugely knowledgeable and passionate Maître d’ and Sommelier David Beaufort-Dysart.

This is exceptional food, done exceptionally well. 5 stars.

To book call Panoramic 34 on 0151 236 5534.