Park Primary joins forces with Knowsley Safari for Conservation

Park Primary

This week Park Primary School in Wallasey welcomed Knowsley Safari’s interactive discovery station – ‘The Problem with Plastics’ – as part of the school’s pioneering Conservation and Climate Change exhibition.

Having rewritten its curriculum to better engage pupils with protecting the planet, Park Primary was looking for local businesses to support the children’s conservation-themed project work, which is being showcased in the exhibition that’s open to the public until 4pm on Friday 15th July.

Knowsley Safari’s interactive discovery station arrived at Park Primary and provided pupils with the opportunity to examine life-size teddy, Terrance the Turtle, to find out more about how plastics in the ocean are affecting marine life. Pupils were also able to take part in a fun challenge that looks at easy swaps to make shopping and eating more sustainable.

‘The Problem with Plastics’ interactive discovery station will officially open at Knowsley Safari this summer and is designed to help inspire visitors to make small changes to help save our planet.

Ellie Hill, Learning Manager, Knowsley Safari, says: “We put a great focus on engaging children about the importance of conservation at the Safari. We were blown away by the innovative approach Park Primary have taken and couldn’t wait to show our support. The exhibition is a perfect showcase of how we can all play a part in saving our planet. If everyone takes a small step, it makes a big impact.”

Park Primary School’s Conservation and Climate Change exhibition brings together project work undertaken by pupils and showcases what they’ve learnt about how to protect kelp forests, the impact of pollution and bleaching of coral reefs, as well as the effects of micro-plastics and how to clean up our oceans.

Kathryn Dunne, Deputy Head and Tom Wallace, Assistant Head, Park Primary School say: “We have completely rewritten our school curriculum to help our children go and make a difference in the world. We know this will take generations to achieve but we need to start now so our children can teach their children to be true citizens of the world and help protect and conserve it. Knowsley Safari shares our values on empowering future generations to protect our planet and we were delighted when they agreed to show their support.”

Curriculum experts worked alongside Park Primary to enable the conservation focus. Hywel Roberts says: “This has been a completely wonderful experience. Park Primary have created something so special, so informed, so heartfelt and incredibly knowledgeable.”

Debra Kidd says: “I walked around in tears, Park Primary’s children have made me feel that the world is safe in their hands. What wonderful work!’

Park Primary teacher, Amy Johnson, says: “Seeing the children so immersed in this project has been nothing short of extraordinary. They have taken their obsession with plastics and conservation to the next level. We are incredibly proud of this journey we’ve shared with them, the community and the wider world.”

Knowsley Safari’s Learning and Discovery team will be running a range of interactive activities, including ‘The Problem with Plastics’ with Terrance the Turtle, on the Foot Safari during the summer holidays, meaning children will be learning about how to protect the world around them while having a fun day out. Visitors must book online. For further information and to book tickets, visit Knowsley Safari’s website.