Wirral Wolves on the hunt for Entrepreneurs

Wirral Wolves

Three years ago Nik Ellis & Justine McLaughlin launched Wirral Wolves, an investment initiative inspired by TV’s Dragon’s Den.   The idea was to find fledgling businesses to take to the next level, adding value not just merely financial but with their business experience & acumen.  

After meeting several fascinating people, they agreed to invest in a recruitment company specialising in engineering & construction, aptly named Lacuna, which is Latin for ‘fill a gap’.

Two years later & a fair bit of hard work, Lacuna was trading successfully, standing on its own feet so Nik & Justine were looking for the next green shoots to water.  However as the global pandemic hit, their attention was turned to adapting their businesses at first to survive, but then to thrive, during the year.  Their clients’ businesses also needed dramatic transformations to continue trading, predominantly online, with increased digital marketing, adopting AI & automation tech solutions plus a fair dollop of left-field thinking.

Fast forward to Spring 2021 & the petals of business are opening once more.  Nik & Justine are reigniting Wirral Wolves once again to look for their next business investment.

Justine said “We’ve found that many start-ups have great ideas about their core subject but struggle with the myriad of surrounding functions that augment a business, strategy, accountancy, technology, marketing, etc, which is where we add some of our best value.”

Nik continued “We invest in people as much as their product or service.  We’re looking for that special someone demonstrating  drive & enthusiasm to succeed.  They’re the ones who can benefit the most from our contacts, technology & skills.

They are now inviting applications to find budding entrepreneurs looking for investment and / or help to scale up their business or launch their ideas.  The application form can be found here: www.wirralwolves.co.uk