Auger engineers get hands-on

A specialist for the UK insurance industry based in Wallasey has come up with the answer to delivering practical training for its engineers – at its own headquarters.

By using land around its own offices, Auger is putting new and existing engineering staff through their paces in drainage and water mains skills through the extension of its academy.

With a focus on working safely and encouraging engineering excellence, the training ground adjacent to Auger’s head office provides training managers Iain Jones and Dave Rogers with the space to develop the workforce.

Detecting services, undertaking safe excavations, moling new water mains and operating the latest CCTV drainage cameras are amongst the many skills and competencies they are developing.

Iain said: “There’s nothing like getting your hands on this equipment and trying it for yourself. This allows us to conduct the technical training in the office and the practical training outside in a controlled environment on our own site and means we can develop staff to the level required before they go out on the road.

“We want our engineers to deliver the best for our customers and this means they receive dedicated training the Auger way. They are fully-trained through the academy to best practice methods and processes. The industry has been crying out for this level of training for years.”

Auger – which has expanded its national team to more than 75 engineers – puts its entry-level staff through training including drainage investigation, on-site safety, leak detection and repairs to drainage systems and water mains. Engineers have the opportunity to progress to a variety of roles as they develop their skillset.

Auger provides an unrivalled direct labour model for insurers in drainage and water mains claims with its UK-wide network of directly employed engineers.

Training under the Academy includes partnering engineers with senior staff, supported by industry-leading software and mobile apps which allow staff to file information and reports quickly and easily from wherever they are in the UK.

The Auger Academy also provides learning for school leavers and graduates joining Auger who may be working in other fields at the company’s headquarters including surveying, accounting and IT.