Cat charity joins with vets to offer snip and chip for cats in Wallasey and Leasowe

Cats Protection’s North Wirral Branch is teaming up with vet practices to offer a special pre-Christmas deal on cat neutering and microchipping in Wallasey and Leasowe.

The charity is holding two snip-and-chip days on Friday 1 December at Grosvenor Assembly Rooms, Grosvenor Road in Wallasey and Wednesday 6 December at Leasowe Community Centre on Twickenham Drive, between 11am and 3pm.

Cat owners with low incomes or in receipt of benefits can collect a discount voucher so they can book an appointment with Birkenhead Veterinary Clinic, Seaview Veterinary Clinic in Wallasey or Upton Veterinary Surgery to get their felines neutered and microchipped for £5.

“Getting your cat neutered is extremely important,” said North Wirral branch’s coordinator Steve Riches, “a single unneutered female cat can be responsible for as many as 20,000 offspring in just five years so neutering helps drive down the number of unwanted kittens in the future.

“Many people believe a female cat should have its first litter prior to neutering but that’s a myth and it’s much better for a cat to be spayed before it has kittens. Neutering has many benefits for a pet cat’s health that can include making them less likely to roam, spray, fight and it reduces the possibility of contracting life-threatening diseases that can be transmitted by bites and saliva.

“As it can cost up to £40 to have a cat microchipped, taking advantage of this offer will help cat owners save money as well as giving them more peace of mind should their pet cat ever go missing.”

Microchipping involves a small data chip, no bigger than a grain of rice, being inserted under a cat’s skin beneath the shoulder blades. The details are stored on a national database and can be accessed by scanning the animal with a special device. Most vets and rescue centres routinely scan all lost cats and use the information to quickly reunite the missing pet with their owner, provided their records on the national database are kept up to date.

Visit North Wirral Branch’s Facebook page @catsprotectionnorthwirral or email for more details on the snip-and-chip event.