New Wirral Neighbourhood Bistro Imminent

A new neighbourhood bistro is opening in the thriving heart of Oxton Village, and we cannot wait!  Open seven days a week, owner Cathy Frost and her team will be serving up modern British food for lunch and dinner using locally sourced produce along with an expansive wine list and a vast array of craft beers.  

Cathy tells us, “It’s British food but with a French twist. We are very happy with the menu as well as the team I’ve got on board and we are all really looking forward to opening the doors and showing everyone what we’ve got to offer.” 

If Cathy’s experience is anything to go by, the future looks promising as she is owner and Chief Executive of the outstanding Panoramic 34 in Liverpool. Having won a number of regional and national awards, Cathy is hoping to emulate that success on the opposite side of the Mersey, “It’s not necessarily about the awards, they are just a bonus. This is about creating something to be proud of and I really believe the village needs a place like this. The awards, if the truth be known, are for the staff and the team who work relentlessly to keep our standards high.”

Cathy Frost and her family

Cathy lives with husband Hugh and has two grown up daughters, “I am born and bred on the Wirral and have lived in the Oxton area for many years. I have wanted to invest in the local community for some time now, it was just about finding the right location so I’m delighted to have found a little gem in the heart of the village.” 

Growing up in a council house, and being the daughter of a docker, Cathy has worked hard to get where she is today, “I come from a really close, loving family and I firmly believe you reap what you sow; myself, Hugh and the girls are all very close.”

It doesn’t stop there either… work is very much a family affair too; Cathy’s daughter, sister and sister-in-law all work for the business and as Cathy points out, it works well for everyone, “The thing is, you’re collaborating with people you trust and care about – and we are all striving for the same results.  They know what I’ve put into my businesses so there is a pressure of some kind to succeed. Whether you talk about it or not – everyone know the standards we have set ourselves – I think the secret is to care.”

Cathy continues, “This comes naturally as we have such a close knit team.  It is very much a family run environment and I like to lead by example – I wouldn’t ask any of my staff to do something I wouldn’t do myself.  There’s a great rapport amongst our team – which is essential for us to run so efficiently.  I’m lucky to be able to call on a number of staff when it comes to opening Thyme and transferring them to the Wirral.”

Cathy is commenting on what many already know. Those who have dined at her restaurant will know that should they replicate the well-oiled machine that is Panoramic 34, we definitely are in for a treat.  Although Thyme isn’t a fine dining restaurant, just like the multi-award winning Panoramic 34, there will be fully trained sommeliers in-house. They will be using the best local suppliers who use only the best local produce, something I notice that Cathy is adamant about, “Yes, you’re right actually, it is very important to me. I am the owner of an independent business, I know the struggles, I know what business owners invest – and I don’t just mean money. That, paired with the simple fact that the produce we have on our doorstep is some of the best in the world, make it a no brainer for me. Without locals using, and thereby investing in, local businesses, we wouldn’t get very far would we?”

Signing off Cathy adds, “Supporting local, allowing them and us, through investment, to excel.”

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