‘Loads’ you need to know about travelling on the M53 this Sunday!

You could hit traffic on the M53 if you’re heading to Cheshire Oaks, Chester or Manchester this Sunday morning.

The National Grid is moving a new transformer from Ellesmere Port to Willenhall substation, in West Midlands leaving at 8am on Sunday which could cause some disruption.

The transformer, which is used to deliver electricity to homes and businesses across the Midlands and beyond, weighs 170 tonnes and measures 8.2m long x 5.2m wide x 4.4m high. It’s so big it has to be carried on a special transporter measuring 67 meters long and 5.3 meters wide. That’s wider than a football pitch!

The special delivery will leave Ellesmere Port in Cheshire at around 8am via the A5032 to join the M53 at junction 9, and travel east until it reaches the M6. It will then travel south on the M6 to junction 10 and then head to the substation.

Traffic could be affected because it can only travel at 10 miles an hour.

Anyone with any questions about how the delivery might affect their journey can contact Faye Scullion, National Grid’s Regional External Affairs Manager on 07773 1881190 between 7.00am -5.00pm or email faye.scullion@nationalgrid.com.